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Sales and Advertising
 The Express Update is a free email newspaper, totally supported by its advertisers.

If you're interested in advertising, contact Nelson Becker at 250-354-3910. Please let us help you with your publicity.

Deadline: We must receive your copy before noon on Wednesday to be included in the following Friday’s issue of the Express Update.

Ten Tips for Designing a Good Ad

Tip 1  The quality of an ad can be measured in inches. When holding your ad at arm's length, can you still understand what the ad is for? Is the type too small? Is it too busy? Remember, not all people can read small type sizes.

Tip 2  Have a focal point (i.e., logo, catch word, graphic)

Tip 3  Keep it simple. Clutter confuses. The goal is to get interest.

Tip 4  An ad with no item or pricing will create long-term good will. An ad with item and pricing will create immediate business.

Tip 5  Avoid excess fonts (use one or two fonts plus the logo).

Tip 6  Be conscious. Notice details.

Tip 7  If you have elements in your ad that are not the same, make them very different, providing contrast which is the most important page attraction.

Tip 8  Nothing in the ad should be placed arbitrarily. Each element should have some visual connection with another element.

Tip 9  Budget your advertising dollars. Repeat ads earn further discounts.

Tip 10  Talk to the experts at the Express regarding any of this. They would be happy to help in any aspect.
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