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Submitting Press Releases
We depend upon you to let us know what's happening. If you need to get the word out, press releases are one of the most efficient ways to get your event into the community.

Deadline for press releases is every Wednesday by noon for the following Friday’s issue. You can send press releases using our online form, via email send by snail mail, or drop off personally. Often community groups have an event they want publicized. Please submit for our calendar also.

Submit Your Press Release
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Steps for Submitting a Press Release

Step 1
Ask yourself if this event (group, activity, news item, etc) has broad community appeal? Is the public invited to your event? If so, continue on!

Step 2
Jot down the pertinent information. Remember Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.

What is the story about (in 10 words or less)
Why is it important?
Who will this story appeal to?
Where is it happening?
When is it happening?
Who are the people involved?
How do people get more info?

For the Express, (a weekly paper distributed on Wednesday) the most important factor for us when considering using your community information is the date. The absolute latest we can accept your articles is on Thursday at noon, for publication the following Wednesday.

Step 3
Start writing your press release: Don't worry if you've never written a release before; this will show you how to do it step by step.

The better your press release, the more likely it is to get printed. The easier you make it for us, the better your chances are of getting the coverage that you want.

The first rule for writing good press releases is to keep them short. One page or less is generally sufficient.

The second rule for releases is to write in the 'inverted pyramid style'. (We'll show you exactly how to do this in the next section).

The third rule for effective releases is to get quotes from the people who are involved. This makes the story more interesting to read, and gives a sense of legitimacy. Make sure your quotes are accurate, and always accredit them. For example, "Soccer is great exercise!", said Mr. Brown, Nelson team coach.

Email your press releases to or fax them to (250) 352-5075.

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