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Letter Writing Tips

     Guidelines For Letters To The Editor


  • We encourage our readers to write to us.

  • Please address letters meant for publication to the Editor. We do not accept open letters. Letters must be short (200 words maximum) and to the point. We reserve the right to edit letters, and the decision to publish or not to publish is completely at the discretion of the Editor and Publisher.

  • Commentaries can be longer and are more in-depth than letters. If you wish to write a commentary, please first contact the Editor.

  • All letters and commentaries must be signed and include your name, address, and phone number. We will not print "name withheld" letters without prior approval from the publisher.

  • Deadline: We must receive your letter before noon on Wednesday to be included in the following Friday’s issue of the Express Update.


     Submit Your Letter to the Editor
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 Ten Tips for a Good Letter to the Editor

  1. Keep it short. The more concise your letter, the more dynamic it will be.

  2. Address one issue per letter. If you have more than one issue, write a separate letter.

  3. Be opinionated. Avoid citing facts, but rather express your opinion regarding the facts.

  4. Don't get personal. Attack the issues, not the person.

  5. State your premise in the first sentence. Make the subject of your letter known immediately.

  6. We're unique. The Express Update gives priority to letters written especially for the Express Update.

  7. Have a "second set of eyes" review your letter before submitting. This will help ensure your idea is being conveyed.

  8. Handwritten is okay; typed is better; e-mailed is preferred.

  9. If you see a problem, suggest a solution.

  10. The purpose of a letter to the editor is to provoke discussion within the community. Remember your audience.

We try to print letters as soon as we receive them; however, due to the number of letters received on occasion, we are unable to print them all at once. They may be printed at a later date. We reserve the right to edit any letter to the editor. We are not required to print all letters received. Opinions in the Express Update are not necessarily those of the Publisher or the Express Update advertisers.

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